I. The Roman House

Named after the iconography of the mosaics found in them, the house complexes of Danae and Dionysus had been partially excavated by the Gaziantep Museum in 1998. The excavation of the site was resumed by ZAP in 2005, while the conservation of the previously excavated parts was undertaken.





In 2007, excavations were carried out in the so-called "House of Muses" to the east of the Danae and Dionysus houses.



II. The "Karatepe Tumulus" in the Western Necropolis






III. The Hellenistic Necropolis





IV. The Agora

The foundations and architectural pieces of a circular temple at the northern end of the agora were discovered during surveys in 2005 and 2006.

Excavations at the southern end of the agora in 2007 uncovered a figural mosaic of monumental scale, probably belonging to a public building. The excavations in this sector continue.





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